Rocked by a Vampire - Vol. 5 - Chloe Wilkox

Rocked by a Vampire - Vol. 5

By Chloe Wilkox

  • Release Date: 2015-06-03
  • Genre: Paranormal


"Whatever happens, remember I'm yours, Gloria. Body and soul. For eternity."
This is a promise that Benjamin Marlowe, the enigmatic vampire and billionaire, will find difficult to keep. Suffering with a mysterious fever, he is forced to be apart from Gloria, the gorgeous musician who he is head over heels in love with. Gloria's heart is broken: will her passionate love story end so soon, when it has only just begun?
The pretty young woman decides to fight fate. Ben is the love of her life, her soul-mate, and she's not about to let this chance slip through her fingers. 
But what if their whole relationship is built on a lie? A lie that goes back many, many years?
Find out where Gloria and Ben's adventures will take them next in Chloe Wilkox's gripping saga,  Rocked by a Vampire 
After the success of Obeying my Billionaire, Chloe Wilkox is back with a new saga Rocked by a Vampire . Can you resist the charms of the sexiest vampire on Earth?
 Rocked by a Vampire, volume 5/12.